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休息好了嗎?就在本周,死墻之王Skellism即將要來炸掉中國的夜店了!好消息,除了廣州和上海之外,Skellism又將會在本周四登入另一座城市——南寧!你們準備好了嗎,敢不敢來挑戰mosh pit!


Did ya'll rest well? This week, the king of the mosh pit — Skellism, is ready to destroy China’s night clubs with a wild performance! Good news for you who weren't free this weekend cuz we also added Nanning last minute into Skellism's China tour for this Thursday! So, are you guys ready to mosh and let your wild out? Scroll down to see ticket link and more information below. If you're lucky, you will also have a chance to win free tickets for the show!

在Skellism的新MV In the Pit 里,Lil Jon,Skellism 還有Terror Bass三人來到了墨西哥城,揮舞著彎刀和金屬球棒想要摧毀一切,雖說實際上只是和一個廢棄汽車較勁。他們三人周圍煙霧環繞,碎片,碎玻璃散落一地,在這里謝謝那個存在感不強的看起來很傷心的小男孩。在MV中the Guinness World Record的人員指揮著粉絲圍成一個圈,當唱到“push a muthafucka in the pit”的時候讓人們在中間玩“死墻”的游戲。

In the new video for “In the Pit,”? Lil Jon, Skellism and Terror Bass retreat to Mexico City, armed with machetes and metal bats to destroy everything within reach in an abandoned car lot. As the vicinity fills with smoke, debris and broken glass—thanks to the help of a seemingly sadistic little boy— the Guinness World Record holder urges his fans to form a circle, spread it out and “push a muthafucka in the pit,” causing a massive display of shoving at the concert that follows.


Lil Jon, Skellism - In The Pit


As first generation Mexican-Americans, Skellism knows exactly what the term hard work means. Growing up as the children of immigrants the pressure to succeed is massive. Sergio and Sisco have done nothing but used that pressure to channel their inner creative to make a name for themselves in the world of dance music.?


Harnessing the energy of the rough neighborhoods they grew up in, Skellism has used those influences to create some of the hardest hitting records to ever hit the festival speakers.?

在2017年,他們發布了期待已久的與Lil Jon合作的original單曲“In the Pit”,收錄于重組成立的Geffen廠牌之中。這首mosh pit神曲被美國最權威音樂公司Billboard稱之為“令人下巴炸裂的驚作”!這首單曲在上線首月便獲得了170萬的瀏覽量,并在第一周就登上了Spotify及Global最熱排行榜的第8和17位!Skllism的作品獲得許多圈內最響亮大牌的鼎力支撐,如The Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, Carnage及Flosstradamus。

In 2017 Skellism released their long awaited original with Lil Jon respectfully titled “In The Pit” on the newly relaunched Geffen Records.

The mosh pit anthem “a tooth-gnashing collaboration” Billboard called it, exploded onto the scene gaining over 1.7 million views in the first month of release. In its first week alone the record landed in the Spotify US viral charts at #8 and Global viral charts at #17.?

Skellism憑借自己的大量撕裂級神作成為國際各大電子音樂舞臺上最兇狠的EDM組合之一。每當他們登上主舞臺,我們便知道即將發生什么,警報拉響!整個現場已經被暗黑Bass勢力所掌控!他們還與世界上一些最知名的低音EDM廠牌合作發布他們的Trapstyle音樂,如Hard With Style和Q-Dance。Skellism頗具風格的標簽使他們牢牢鎖定在各大廠牌最鐘愛藝人的名單列表之中。在2017年,Skellism將用他們的音樂掀起更猛烈的電子風暴,你只需要知道,這是一場不會結束的風暴。

Haterade x Skellism - TALIBAN

Making Skellism one of the hardest hitting acts to have their music resonate on the festival mainstage. Having released their trapstyle sound on some of the biggest hard dance labels such as Hard With Style and Q-Dance, Skellism’s unique sound has proven that it is here to stay. Skellism look to push this genre into the mainstream in 2017 and see no end in sight on this musical journey.



CITY城市: 南寧 NANNING | 樂巢酒吧
DATE日期: 8月24日 周四 Thusday, August 24th

地址: 樂巢酒吧?廣西南寧市青秀區金浦路A1-2號?

ADDRESS: ?Le-Nest Club, Number A1-2, Jingpu Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning

PRICE 票價: 入場免費 Free entrance


DATE日期: 8月25日 周五 Friday, August 25th

地址: THE ONE CLUB 廣州市越秀區北京南路24-26號

ADDRESS: THE ONE CLUB, 1st Floor,NO.24-26 Beijing?South Road, Yuexiu?District, Guangzhou City

PRICE票價: 早鳥?Early bird 80 RMB

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 預售 Presale 120 ?RMB

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 普通票 Door 150 RMB

Presale link: 掃描下圖二維碼購買


DATE日期:8月26日 周六 Saturday, August 26th

地 址: 上海市黃浦區巨鹿路168號

ADDRESS: No. 168, Julu Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

PRICE票價: 預售票 Presale 120 RMB??

? ? ? ? ? ? ? 普通票 Door 200 RMB

Presale link: http://zaomengshe.com/c/917505

Support DJ


Bass Hoodie,來自LA的電子音樂制作人/DJ。自幼學習音樂的他具有深厚的舞曲制作功底及不凡的音樂品味。曾多次受邀參與Squad Out!、Freak Out、Bass Attack等國內優秀Underground音樂派對。并受邀以Bass DJ及制作人身份于國內各大club如MYST, Fusion等舉行個人bass專場,獲得了主辦方及粉絲的高度肯定與喜愛。

曾與NGHTMRE,Game Face,Herobust,Caked Up等同臺。Bass Hoodie以其獨特的歌曲編排及精準的節奏把控使其set風格獨樹一幟并充滿能量,Trap、Dubstep、Bass House 等多元素的混合也使得其現場尖叫不斷充滿驚喜。

BASS HOODIE has extraordinary taste of music based on his experienced production skills of dance music. He pursuit to build a strong sense of situation in different scene for audiences in terms of a mavericks attitude. ?

Bass Hoodie has been invited to participate in Bass Attack, Squad Out !, Ravelution and other domestic Underground music parties. He also done a Trap special activity at MYST Shanghais and Fusion as introduced as Bass / Trap DJ, with achieved a high affirmation by the organizers. Bass Hoodie performed in the same stage with well-known Electronic band Breathe Carolina,Game Face,Herobust,Caked Up as well. Bass Hoodie forms a unique style with harsh stage-presence and strong personal style. Mix of Trap, Dub-step, Bass House and other elements also makes his live screaming constantly with full of surprises.





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